Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Flower Little Paradise

After many weeks of constantly raining, finally we had yesterday a beautiful sunny day!. and I am sure, I was not the only happy person out there.

I decided not to do what I always do on Mondays, not to paint, not to clean the house, not to iron,  not to go buy at the grocery store, not to go and hunt for brocante treasures, not to do the laundry, not to go jogging, NOTHING but being in our garden plating some new plants and flowers,  and redecorating that small part outside of our kitchen where we have our tea time.

Many of the flowers, were chosen by my kids for Mother's day, and they planted them in nice tiny plant pots which they also bought.

Let me show you some pictures , I  hope you like them.

Have a beaituful day!

I love Zink Buckets, you can ad a touch of Shabby writting something on it using stencils or just by Hand.

I never try buying yellow flowers, I always buy pink, violet and rose flowers, but I love this one, my kids bought it for me.

I am a HUGE Hydrangea fan, I simply can not have enough, this one has a really pale rose tone.

I also like chanching my plant pots, adding some Texts on it.

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