Saturday, July 30, 2022

DIY: Painting Wooden Boxes- Trays with metallic paint

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You can give new life to these wooden boxes by painting them with Vintage Paint and for some extras, I used flexible ornaments and decoupage:) I had a lot of fun, and I hope you too.

So this is what we are doing today :)

First, I painted the box in metallic gold and let it dry. Something super important, Vintage Paint is an ecological paint made of natural products, the pigments might remind on the bottom of the tin, so remember always to stirr super super well before you start painting.

Then I heated the Woodwill it was bendable. That will take me perhaps 1 minute or less, all depends of the size and thickness of the ornamente.

Then I cut it in half because it was to big for the box. Good thing: I can use the other half for another project yeahhhh!! :)

I glued it to the box.

and pressed for some minutes to make sure it stays well positioned.

I waxed the ornament with black wax and patina waxes I also added some wax in different areas of the box. Also the corners inside.

Then it ocurred to me to decorate the inside with decoupage, of course I should have waited with waxing inside because then it‘s difficult that the glue adheres, but since I waxed only the inside corners, it wasn‘t a problem. You just have to make sure that the waxing step of your project is the absolutly last step :)

I decided to use this decoupage from ReDesign, it matches very nicely with the metallic colors in silver, gold and bronze… As you will see in the next picture, I did 3 of these boxes and wanted to make many more.

Have a look at the 1 minute video and let me know what you think.



                                                    tadaddaaa the final result

view from above

view from the front you can see how nice is the contrast with the black wax and the blue patina wax.

again, here another closeup :) for this ornament I used the turquoise patina.

and like this  they looked before.

Have a look at my 1 minute Video to follow the steps.
And remember, your comments and questions and follows are very welcome


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