Saturday, July 30, 2022

DIY: Shabby Chic Little Stool Makeover

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Only a small stoll from the thrift store, a bit paint and fabric is needed for this super easy project 🤗. I am not a professional upholsterer, but this form of stool is very easy to upholster.

 this is the little stoll I bought for a very fair price.

Start by removing old nails and the old fabric with a flat small screwdriver and help you with a plierd. Don't throw the old fabric!

Paint two coats with Warm Cream and make sure you let it dry between coat and coat. I used a fine brush for this.

Make sure you paint absolutely everywhere.

Put a neutral lining fabric on the bottom and staple very well. I used the old fabrics from bottom and top as pattern to cut the new fabrics.

Now do the same procedure for the top. I used here My First Rose from my own Shabby Chic fabric collection 🤗 Sofar, I have designed my first 4 fabrics in linen , such beautiful quality, I am so happy, but of course, it is not strong enough to upholster, so, I have also printed my fabrics in strong upholstery material, so I can make a couple of these type of projects too.

Add some laces or ribbons to hide the staples.

And of course 1 minute DIY Video for you, just press the link below :)

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Do you like it?

You can watch the 1 minute (and a bit longer) video on how to do it.

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