Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spring Break

How did ou spend your 2 weeks spring break?.....

Like every year, we drove to France during the Spring break, visiting my husband's family there is very important to us.

We love the nature there, the animals, the flowers, plants, the fishing Moments, the talking Moments, we also love the food there, all is simple but very fresh. My kids eat all! even the vegetable soup, wich I always cook here, but they prefer to wait one year to get their soup there and not mine (just kids know why they do that). :)

We also went to visit some fleamarkets and Brocantes in the Region, as usual, we went for hunting treasures. I brought lot of lovely things. Soon you will see them in the store and I am sure, you will fall in love with them and perhaps the will find a new home at yours?....Just come to visit us in Pratteln and discover in every corner what's new?

For now, I will leave you with a couple of pictures from the beautiful French nature.

Wishing you a wonderful start of the week.


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Friday, March 17, 2017

Fleury Natural Cosmetics

Hello everybody

I know, I know,  I know, long ago, I don't post anything, I been very busy painting and doing some craftings.

I would like this time to introduce you to somebody else work and not mine.

A couple of weeks ago, Mari from contacted .  Mari saw the Daphnes Diary Reportage from January 2017 about  Los MiMis Armoire, and wanted to let me know about her beautiful Natural Cosmetic Line. She prepares all by herself in her Workshop in Germany using ingrediants of high Quality.

Mari has been working hard developing new recipes and products. At this moment she has about 60 self-made natural cosmetic products (100% natural), they do not containe any fillers which is very bad for the skin.

Mari makes special orders for wedding as well, so feel free to contact her and let he now what you would like to have for your special day.

So as of now, at Los MiMis Armoire we have a very tiny space dedicated to her small delicated soaps and especially bath creamers. Come over to Pratteln, you will be delighted.

Here some pics of the products.

Have a lovely Weekend

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Daphne's Diary

Hallo Ihr Lieben

Ich hoffe euch geht ganz gut! Ich habe dieses Jahr sehr gut angefangen, vor allen mit Lust und Zeit zum basteln. Die Möbel Malerei im Moment macht eine Pause, da in die Garage ist mir zu kalt, habe ich lieber in die warme Stube zu basteln. Ich habe Schachtel in nostalgischem Styl gemacht, Wanduhren, Lampen die werden übrigens bei mir auch als Kurs angeboten, ich habe Herzen gestrickt und genäht und ich weiss nicht mehr was sonst noch...

Auf jeden Fall, Fotos von meiner Handarbeit werde ich euch anders Mal gern posten, jetzt zeige ich euch ein Paar Fotos von die Daphne's Diary Zeitschrift von Januar 2017, die man bei mir im Laden ab sofort kaufen kann für 9,40.-, es hat viel Basteln bogen drinnen, Reportagen, Rezepten und viele viele Ideen, vor allem für Leute die gerne Handarbeit machen, ist diesen Zeitschrift super!!!

Eine 2 Seiten Artikel-Reportage über Los MiMis Armoire ist auch drinnen zu lesen, mit viele tollen Bilder.

Nun, wünsche ich euch einen ganz schönen Abend und bis auf nächstes Mal.

Ich würde mich natürlich super freuen über Feedbacks, Comments, Ideen und neue Followers :)

Alles Liebe

handgemachte Lampen, super tolle Idee

Los MiMis Armoire in Prattlen

mehr über Los MiMis Armoire

Super Rezepten und Bogen Etiketten