Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fete de L'Huîtres et du Pineau

Hello lovelies,

Hope you are still enjoying the summer time. In one week vacation is over and we have to go back to the rutine, but before that all happens, I would like to share with  you some more pictures of our holiday, these are from a festival that we allways attend each time we go to Île d'Oleron, which takes place once a year, and it is called Fete de L'Huîtres et du Pineau.

Delicious oysters and pinot, either red or white (I love both) are offered this day. Unfortunately this year, it was raining cats and dogs, we all got wet, but it was not excuse for us not to attend.

You can also take a walk to the Harbour and arounds, and buy handmade things in the different super cute colorfull Ateliers opened at night. such handmade soaps, jewerly, and so on, or let you do some summer braids if you have long hair.

Hope you like the pictures..... and I leave for for now :).......ohhh, do not forget to leave a comment :)

Have a great week and lot of positive vibres.


Handmade soaps with a lot of different delicious aromas



Bernard (red jacket) selling oysters

A walk to Harbour before is dark.

Mussels cooked with fire, they are delicious. Despite the rain, the fire continues....
Be prepared to get all black if you eat them, you cannot avoid i believe me.

Super kind Monsieur running to his food stand with the Baguette....He was in hurry, but still super kind to  with a great smile for my camera and my blog. :). Merci beacoup Monsieur.

Even though I cannot read what it is writting on the glove, it's to small and I could not understand every letter I thought it would be funny to take a shot of it, specially the colors contrast is what  I love most.
If someone happens to decipher what is writting there, I would be more than happy to know (hopefully nothing bad?) hihih

Colorfull Ateliers.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Château de la Gataudière

Dear  followers,

I hope you are spending a wonderful summer time with your lovelies.

We were in France this summer, it was a one day to other day decision. On Tuesday evening we Googled about two hours for places to go and  stay, and within a couple a minutes we booked two places in île De Re and île d'Oleron.

At  the next day, we stood up early, filled the car with our bikes, suitcases, new brand camping stuffs bought a couple of weeks before.

Usually we know pretty much in advance what are we undertaking in summer, but this year, it was a little bit different. The kids wanted long ago to go camping, I was of course, totally against and not convinced at all, but after letting the children convinced me, I agreed (I couldn't believe I said YES,  but thought: "why not give it a try"? well, I have to tell you,  I LOVED IT!!!!

First I imagined myself totally uncomfortable, sweating the whole day, every day and night walking miles to find the next bathroom in the camping, and what about my makeup? insects? mosquitos? sharing bathrooms with other unknown people, or staying at the line waiting for a free bathroom.....I imagined the worst! but once there, I absolutely LOVE IT. Nothing of that bad things I imagined happened.

All bathrooms were super clean and always free when I need them, I could take wonderful showers, all was perfect! the weather was fantastic, except one night, it rained at lot, but hearing the strong raining falling on the roofs of our tents was a fantastic experience. I did not sleep at all that night, I could'nt stop hearing the rain, I was out there, just protected by a plastic roof and I survived :).

Let  me show here a couple pictures I took from  the Château de la Gataudière's garden. Our children wanted to go squad driving, and to my surprise, the green areas of the castle was dedicated to different children activities, like squad, acrobatics, climbing etc.  so, I took the opportunity once there to take some garden pictures .

By the way, this place can be booked for parties, weddings and so on. I could marry my husband again just to make the party here :) It is really gorgeous outdoor  (I did not have the time to visit inside).

Hope you like the pictures I am showing you today, if so, do let me know this by letting a comment here by following me on Instagram and Pinterst too, I would be very happy reading you back.

Continue having a great summer time and until my next post!


The Little chapel

My Love and moi, my son took this Picture :)


Monday, June 26, 2017

Shabby Chic Marktkarre und GIVEAWAY Gewinnerin zum 500 Instagram Followers

Hallo Zusammen

Wie geht's euch? kurz vor dem Sommerferien, gibt's immer viel zu tun nicht wahr?....Trotz wenig Zeit, habe ich in meinen Fotos nachgeschaut, und bin super glücklich, ich habe dieses Foto gefunden, von eine sehr alte Marktkarre, welches ich abkaufen dürfte von einen Nachbarin im Dorf.

Diese nette Nachbarin, hat immer am Sonntags, Gutzis gebacken, die Gutzis hatte sie natürlich in diesem Marktkarre verkauft. Es war wirklich eine sehr schönen Tradition im Dorf.

Ich habe die Karre in weiss gestrichen, was übrigens gar nicht so einfach war wie sonst, weil viele gelbe Flecken sind entstanden, praktisch das Ganzes war GELB! anstatt weiss, deswegen musste ich nicht nur mit Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Pure malen, sondern auch mit dem Isolierung von Bosshard behandeln, welches ich im Laden auch verkaufe.

Gelbe oder rote Flecken, kann oft passieren, die sind nicht einzeln Fälle, leider. Wenn man mit Farbe aus Wasser Basis arbeitet, werden die Inhalt Stoffe, Säure, etc auf die Oberfläche "gesaugt". Zum Glück gibt's eine Lösung für alles :)....und so habe ich meine Schnee weiss Karre :)

Er ist leider nicht mehr im mein Laden, es hat eine neuen glücklicher  Besitzer.

Ich wünsche euch ein gute Start in der Woche.


ps. Übrigens, die Gewinnering von mein Giveaway zu 500 Instagram Followers ist Gisimari :) Congratulation!!!!!....Sende mir bitte deine Lieferaddresse, so das ich diese Woche die schöne Sommertasche auf die Post bringen kann. Alles liebe. Silvia

Friday, June 9, 2017

Give Away- Sommer Tasche von Clayre & Eef

Hallo Ihr Lieben

Vor ein Paar Monaten bin ich auf Instagram aktiv, obwohl ich mein Account schon lange eröffnet habe. Gestern hat meine Seite 500 Followers erreicht, und dafür möchte ich mich von Herzen bedanken mit diesen Gewinnspiel.

Wer möchte dieses Farbenvoll Sommer Tasche von Clayre und Eef gewinnen?

Mitmachen geht's sehr einfach:

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Meinen Kinder sind für den Lostopf zuständig! :)
*Das GIVEAWAY endet am: Samstag 24. Juni. 2017
*Ich veröffentliche den Gewinner am Montag 26. Juni 2017 auf meinem Instagram.
* Teilnehmen kann jede natürliche Person aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz.
* Der Gewinner teilt uns ihre Lieferadresse per Email: spaetesens bis am 30. Juni 2017 mit. Sollte ich keine Adresse bis am 30. Juni 2017 erhalten habe, geht der Preis leider verloren.

Ich drücke euch die Daumen.
Eure Silvia